Certification, maintenance or repair. These activities are always preceded by an inspection. The inspection report provides immediate insight into the status of your vehicle and equipment. 

We can examine your vehicle completely or partially. Let us contact you for more information.

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Do you have the right equipment to carry out your job? Does all your equipment fit into your vehicle? Are you aware of the alternatives? We can provide you with advice from a practical standpoint. We do this with people from a fire fighting background who understand what your work entails.

Be sure of your choices
Informed choices. We believe it is important that you can make informed choices. Making good choices will prevent surprises later.



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You are expected to be ready at all times. Anywhere, anytime. But what about backup? Who can you call if your equipment stops working all of a sudden? Luckily our rental department is available, just like you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

From water tender to fire helmet. From aggregate to flashlight. All the equipment and vehicles you require on a daily basis is available from us. It is unlikely that we do not have an item in stock in our wholesale business.

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In addition to the road-worthiness certification for the vehicle itself, we specialise in certifying the technical fire fighting construction. Our inspectors are Aboma-trained. In addition to your vehicle, we can certify all your kit according to NEN 3140.

We can examine your vehicle completely or partially.

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Potential defects can be avoided via periodic maintenance. Certain parts are susceptible to wear and must be replaced over time. 

Corrective maintenance 
Should a defect be found during an inspection or certification, it can be remedied through corrective maintenance. This work can be carried out by our technicians, immediately after the preventive maintenance.

Get your systems in order and contact us for the various options.

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Theory and practice are often two different things. A design may seem to offer a good solution on paper. However, if this is not possible in practice, it's a waste of time.  

Advanced technology
Our engineers work with the latest software versions. As a result, the feasibility of a design is immediately visible. This saves valuable time and ensures the delivery of a working product.

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You know what you want, and you know why you want it. Practical situations require flexible solutions. Our technicians build fire fighting vehicles on a daily basis – together with our engineers, they develop high-quality products that work.

You can contact us for fully-equipped vehicles. In addition, we can carry out various modifications or revisions.

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You ask the utmost from your people. Why would not expect the same from your equipment? Assured performance. This can make the difference.

We always test in accordance with the applicable standards. We use measuring equipment that is appropriate for the task. You will receive a clear overview of the results. Optionally, you can be present during the testing.

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