We provide you with a choice from a wide range of vehicle components. This means you can set up your vehicle to meet your needs and requirements. High-quality products built with care. 

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Installed components

From breathing air holder to tool rack. Our range of installed components is complete and provides you with the opportunity to organise your vehicle the way you want it.

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Optimum workplace lighting using built-in lighting masts. Always warning signs to meet your individual requirements via a wide range of light beams. High light output with low power consumption by making using of LEDs. We have all the lighting solutions you require.

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Ladder packages

Health and Safety ladder packages. Standard or custom-made for you. Electric and manual versions.  For all your questions regarding installed components, we are happy to help.

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High-pressure hose reels in various designs. Lengths up to 90 metres in various colours. Electrically retractable. Compact to ensure the reels can be built into any vehicle. For all your questions regarding installed components, we are happy to help.

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Operating systems

The means of communication between you and your vehicle. Our V-MUX system can be set up as desired – from the pump to the alert, all in one system. Clear operation by means of an LCD screen, even while wearing gloves.

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Camera systems

Our vehicle camera systems provide you with an overview of your immediate surroundings. A 360-degree view around the vehicle so you can see what is happening around the vehicle in real-time. This increases safety and helps with improved anticipation of sudden situations.

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