The strength of Kenbri Fire Fighting lies not only in consultation or supplying equipment for fighting a fire or an incident. Everyday, we use our expertise in the field of inspection, testing, maintenance and repair work on extinguishing systems for offshore applications.


Certification, maintenance or repair. These activities are always preceded by an inspection. The inspection report provides immediate insight into the status of your vehicle and equipment.

We can examine your vehicle completely or partially. Let us contact you for more information.

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Do you have the right equipment to carry out your job? Does all your equipment fit into your vehicle? Are you aware of the alternatives? We can provide you with advice from a practical standpoint. We do this with people from a fire fighting background who understand what your work entails.

Be sure of your choices
Informed choices. We believe it is important that you can make informed choices. Making good choices will prevent surprises later.

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Kenbri Fire Fighting rents a wide range of fire fighting equipment. From hoses and fittings to high-capacity pumps. We do this for fire fighting as well as for various industrial activities. The pumping of large amounts of water under pressure is an example of this. From a separate fire extinguishing pump to a complete pump installation. Our technicians will come to your location and install the solution you require. 


Temporary back-up systems

If your situation is urgent, please contact us for extensive back-up facilities. For example, pump installations and industrial fire fighting vehicles with optional crew. Your business processes will not be jeopardised. This will give you plenty of time to get your fire safety equipment up to the desired level.

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For certification, we test your installation to ensure it complies with the applicable standards. We always carry out our inspections in accordance with the legal guidelines. You will receive a test certificate for each approved item. This written statement describes the inspection carried out, including the test result and the testing framework. Furthermore, each certified item is provided with an inspection certification sticker. 


Are you interested to find out more about what we can do for you? Let us contact you for more information.

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Preventive maintenance

Potential defects can be avoided via periodic maintenance. Certain parts are susceptible to wear and must be replaced over time. 


Corrective maintenance 

Should a defect be found during an inspection or certification, it can be remedied through corrective maintenance. This work can be carried out by our technicians, immediately after the preventive maintenance.


Get your systems in order and contact us for the various options.


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We have attained a huge amount of knowledge as a result of our role as a supplier of industrial fire fighting equipment and an installer. Because Kenbri Fire Fighting has access to and can offer the latest fire fighting technologies, we have the advantage in being able to find the best possible solution.



Our strength lies in the engineering of customer-specific solutions. You can expect a substantiated design based on your fire scenario and the applicable NFPA requirements.

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Our technicians are provided with the right materials on a daily basis. Our strategic location close to the Europort and the port of Antwerp provides a logistical advantage. We have our own transport service, as well as a large stock. As a result, our expert service technicians can deliver our promises.



Our technicians are experienced professionals, and some have been in the business for over 20 years. They assemble and install our products every day. From shut-off valves to entire extinguishing systems.

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All the prescribed tests will be carried out and documented before delivery. This means we measure flow rates, flows and foam mixing. You will receive the associated certificates after the tests have been completed successfully. Only then will we deliver our systems in accordance with the design.


An example of our testing procedures is measuring the foam mixing percentages. We have written a white paper about this.

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