Big Flow systems

Tank fires and major incidents. In these scenarios, large amounts of water and foam are the only way to fight the fire. Our Big Flow systems are mobile and can be quickly set up. Contact us for the possibilities.

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The concept

A Kenbri Big Flow concept is a complete system for the first response to large tank fires. With capacities of 15,000 l/min to 50,000 l/min, it can even combat the largest fires. The system complies with NFPA20/PGS29. The foam yield ranges from 6.5 to 10.4 l/min/m².

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The lay-out

The Kenbri Big Flow System is designed to provide rapid response to fire emergencies where large amounts of water and/or foam are required. The system is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for adequate fire fighting and is designed according to European and international standards. The components can be transported in many different ways such as by truck (via a tow hitch), train, helicopter and/or boat. A total system consists of one or more of the following elements:


* Can be replaced with a Regular Booster Pump (RBP)

** The system includes multiple SEUs. These are configured to meet the customer's requirements.


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