Fire fighting equipment and safety equipment for ships and offshore applications. Certified equipment that can withstand extreme conditions.

Fire fighting equipment

Robust products that are resistant to the elements. Seawater-resistant materials guarantee a long life. Our range is made up of products from leading suppliers. 

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Safety equipment

High safety requirements demand high-quality products. Products from specialist suppliers, such as Hansen protection. Our complete range of safety equipment includes survival suits, life jackets, distress signals and fall protection.

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Monitors & nozzles

Robust water cannons. Large reach. Simple maintenance and operation. Fire protection at the highest level. In various versions, tailored to your situation.

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Extinguishing systems

The TWIN AGENT combines two fire fighting techniques in one system: powder and foam. This ensures liquid fires can be combated in the most effective way. The fire will be beaten down by the powder, the foam then creates a blanket to ensure the fire does not flare up again. TWIN AGENT is corrosion resistant and rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.


TWIN AGENTS are an excellent choice for the protection of your helipad. A standard TWIN AGENT system is available for most platforms.

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Extinguishing foam

Different types of fires require specific extinguishing agents. We ensure you make the right choice. Contact us for the possibilities.

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