Corrosion prevention

Stagnant water in industrial pipelines, in combination with contaminants and micro-organisms provide ideal corrosion conditions. This results in leaks and clogging which  result in water damage and system failure. Comprehensive renovations and early depreciation of parts or the entire installations are inevitable.


Microbiological corrosion (MiC) is a form of local corrosion in which bacteria can develop and excrete corrosive substances. The process of corrosion reinforces the growth of bacteria, while bacteria for their part, reinforce each other. Different bacteria are able to reinforce each other, but the real culprits are the sulfate reducing bacteria. Bacteria particularly thrive in a combination of contamination and still water. In many cases this has already caused serious problems like perforation of pipes, tanks and sheet pile walls, but also blocked pipes because of accumulation of corrosion products and deposit.  And that is how MiC can cause huge damage.

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Prevention of corrosion

Prevention is key. Kenbri Corrosion Protector covers the surface of the pipes with a protective layer, protecting the metal from air or medium and preventing the system from corrosion. As a result, the metal is shielded from the outside air or medium and the system can not be affected. Kenbri Corrosion Protector is effective and environmentally friendly.


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