Installed components

From breathing air holder to tool rack. Our range of installed components is complete and provides you with the opportunity to organise your vehicle the way you want it.

Can be used in existing vehicles or newly-built vehicles.


SCBA holders

The C&C SCBA holders are very user-friendly clamping holders, which have been especially developed for the attachment of self-contained breathing equipment in fire engines and special vehicles.

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Vehicle chairs

Safe vehicle seats that can be placed at any desired position in any vehicle. Meeting the toughest European standards.

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Stand-by chairs

Compact stand-by chair for the purpose of unburdening the stand-by diver or wearer of respiratory equipment while waiting.

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Key safes

The C&C key safe is a steel safe which can be opened either by means of a PIN code or via a horn call over the radiotelephone. Easy to install in a vehicle.

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Multiple-hours sets

Work for a longer period of time under water with the C&C multiple-hours sets. The multiple-hours set enables you to replace an empty air cylinder for a full cylinder while the diver continues to breathe from the other cylinder that still contains air.

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Vehicle extension panels

Compact storage possibility with heavy-duty telescopic slides and a double handle with a pressure button.

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Universal tool bracket

A universal and robust attachment system for emergency relief tools.

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Ladder racks

Safe and quick handling by 1 person. Equipped with a slide-tilt mechanism.

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Universal stretcher carrier

Universal stretcher carrier for the safe transport of stretchers on rescue baskets of rescue vehicles (fire brigade lifting platforms and vehicle ladders).

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